LF: Attendant

Attendants are required to provide excellent customer service, keep the cafe clean, offer assistance to the customers, work rotating shifts. They should be at least 22 years old. Experience in internet cafe not needed but should have good or basic PC usage. Must speak good English. Should have a good personality, and be upbeat and jolly and have a good moral background. Must also be willing to work and be responsible for their job.

Date: 5 October 2007
Basak Pardo
Location: Cebu
to be talked about
right away
Duration: depends on the person
Type: Full Time, Part Time
How to apply:
Email Bio Data with picture and cover letter to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx
Company: Yeeha Internetan
Contact: Wayne Schofield
Email: yeehainternetan@gmail.com

Source: Best Jobs Philippines

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