LF: Safety Officer

Mission: To develop, and run the Safety Program of the Company to ensure the health and safety of the employees by conducting proper identification and investigation of health and safety hazards, and implement risk asessments in the workplace.

- preferably male; at least 30 years old;
- preferably an Electrical engineering graduate;
- should have prior experience working as a Safety Officer;
- knowledgeable in Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS), Industrial Hygiene, and various engineering controls/techniques;
- familiar with different work environment measurement techniques, and on occupational health and safety regulations;
- must possess leadership skills;
- excellent in verbal and written communications;
- physically fit;
- credible, assertive, responsible, and self-motivated;

Date: 27 September 2007
City/Town: Cebu City
Location: Cebu
Wage/Salary: negotiable
Start: asap
Duration: for long term
Type: Full Timejavascript:void(0)
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Company: Visayan Electric Company (VECO)
Contact: Veco
Email: myap@veco.com.ph

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