LF: Web Content Writers

Will be responsible for writing contents. They can also be trained for SEO and help the E-Marketing Associates with their tasks, in times when they don't have anything to write yet.Responsibilities:The Candidate will be responsible for writing and updating website content.Requirements:Excellent communication & writing skills in the English language is an absolute must.Knowledge in SEO content writing.Should possess research and technical writing skills.Familiarity with blogging & online networking, and general internet surfing,browsing. Optimize existing content for proper keyword density.Willing to learn and be trained for SEO

Date: 23 October 2007
City/Town: Naga,Tuyan
Location: Cebu
Wage/Salary: 10,000-12,000
Start: Immediate
Duration: Permanent
Type: Full Time
How to apply: email
Company: Cebuanas.com
Contact: Bob
Email: contactus@cebuanas.com

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